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05/16 New Chair, Math Textbook, and Much More New Chair, New Math Textbook, Calendar and Bell Schedule Updates, Budget and Zone 4 Applicants
05/02 Zone 4 Will Have a New Trustee As expected, Rusty Coffelt has resigned from the Board, opening up a spot for a new Trustee
03/31 New Zone 2 Trustee and WAPA Meeting Notes Welcome to our newest Trustee, Lucas Baclayon, and notes from the first-ever WAPA general meeting
03/27 Meet the New Asst. Superintendent Come to our general meeting for a fireside chat with Nick Smith, our new incoming Assistant Superintendent.
03/08 Next Steps for WAPA Help shape WAPA's future
02/28 Normal Is Back! The latest revisions to the Covid plan remove the exposure quarantine protocol; we're back to normal!
02/15 Back to Normal (Board Meetings) Monday's Meeting was normal, even given Amy Johnson's unexpected resignation
02/01 Board Meeting Update Update from last week's Board Meeting
01/24 Masks Back on the Agenda The Board will reconsider masks at the Monday January 24th Board Meeting
12/14 Surprises at the Board Meeting Well it was bound to happen eventually, but I was finally kicked out of a West Ada School District Board Meeting.
11/19 Update and Announcing Help West Ada Updates on the complaints, and announcing the Help West Ada program
11/15 Board Meeting on Masks Tonight Parents are not allowed to speak at tonight's Board meeting.  But we will be heard.
11/11 Special Board Meeting Today, Thursday the 11th Breaking news: the Board called a Special Meeting
11/03 A New Day Welcome Lori Frasure and Angie Redford to the Board of Trustees
11/02 Mask Exemption Day -- Huge Success A fantastic day filled with smiles
10/30 Mask-Exemption Followup Some important followup information on Mask-Exemption Monday.
10/27 Mask-Exemption Monday Halloween is the last day for masks in West Ada
10/23 Election Guide: Angie Redford and Lori Frasure Angie Redford and Lori Frasure are the best choices.
10/21 A Pattern of Deception The Board's legitimacy is in question
10/13 Board Meeting and Outreach Responses to Board Outreach
10/12 Restore the Public Trust Contact your Board Member TODAY
10/09 IMPORTANT: Rally Monday Join our Rally on Monday
10/08 Back on Board Meeting next Wednesday to decide covid policy
10/07 Good News... Article We got some excellent news coverage following the launch
09/30 Time for Action Time to Recall Amy Johnson
09/27 Masks Extended -- Again They won't end it for us.  We must end it for them.
09/18 Prioritize Education, Not Epidemiology Friday's district-wide email demonstrates the District's priorities are backward. 
09/13 Board Questions In-Depth Review Links to audio, video, and written reviews
09/09 Dr. Bub Mandates Masks The Superintendent instituted a mask mandate tonight
09/08 Mike McCrady's Passing Mike McCrady, beloved Rocky Mountain High School teacher and parent has passed
09/07 The Segregation Must End, Board Meeting, Zoom Meeting The Board's Segregation policy must end
09/03 Call for Quarantine Stories, Appeal Process, Updates Send in your stories
08/30 Keep Healthy Kids in School Your child might be unexpectedly sent home for ten days if we can't change the quarantine release policy.
08/27 Join in Support of Rocky Mountain Teacher Mike McCrady One of our own, Rocky Mountain teacher Mike McCrady is seriously ill.  His family needs your support and prayers.
08/26 I need your help. We need people to help others join us
08/25 URGENT: Call for Volunteers We urgently need volunteers.
08/25 Board Meeting Recap Brief recap of the Board Meeting
08/24 Board Meeting TONIGHT: Final Update Final notes for the Board Meeting tonight
08/20 Quick Update: Masks on the Board Agenda The Board has added "Safety Protocols" to the agenda
08/18 Introducing the Parents Plan There's a new return to school plan you should read
08/11 Dr. Bub Supports Parent Choice What choice will you make?
08/10 Final Push for Board Meeting TONIGHT Tuesday 6PM Join us tonight and share your message
08/08 Update and Action Items Membership Surge, Board Meeting, Zoom Meeting
08/04 Action Needed to Support Open Schools and Smiling Kids Send a comment to keep Kids Smiling in Open Schools
07/19 West Ada Parents Association - First Update July Board Meeting, CDC and Masks, Steering Committee Request, Boise Parents Association Introduction